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We have a wide variety of draft IPA and guest lagers to pick from. Pick from our specially brewed Pale Ale, IPA, Black IPA, Extra Pale Ale and guest Cider and Lagers. Our opening hours are:

FRI - 5PM to 11PM
SAT - 2PM to 11PM

Contract Brewing and Canning

Dogs Grandad Brewery can brew your beer! We have the ability and equipment to brew any beer you would like for your house beer for your pub or bar. Or maybe a one off special for an event.

Dogs Grandad has brewed an extremely wide range of beers and can build a recipe for you from scratch if you're not too familiar with the brewing process. Just tell us what you would like and we can have the beer packaged any way you want.

We can package the into 330ml or 440ml cans, 330ml glass bottles, 30L Steel kegs or 30L Keykegs.

We have a top of the range Microcanner Flex that has DO levels in the 45 to 55ppm range and can package a whole pallet of 3,200 cans in an afternoon.

The types of beer we have produced before: Pale Ales, IPAs, Black IPAs, Fruited Sours, Orange Wheat Beer, Chocolate Stouts, London Porters, Golden Ales, Red IPAs, Extra Pale Ales, Table Beers and Session IPAs.

But we can also brew any beer you would like up to a maximum of 6% because of the size of the mash tun.

Batches are 850 litres. Which works out at 28 x 30 litre kegs or 1,800 x 440ml cans. We can also split the batches between cans and kegs.

If you would like anymore info or to discuss a beer you would like brewed then contact the sales team.

What's on

Live Music and Stand Up

Nearly every Saturday Night we have live music at the Dogs Grandad Taproom. This is a revolving offering of the best bands and DJs. Every night is different and you could be in a mosh pit to metal, skanking to Ska or dancing the night away to House and Electronica.

Stand Up Comedy at the Taproom. Twice a month on a Friday we have Stand UP with up and coming new stars as well as regulars on the circuit. Seats are limited for these nights so follow the Instagram page o see whats going on, when and to book your seats for that night.

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